Clever Suite Release Notes 4.0.4


Release Date: December 2022

We are excited to introduce the latest and most advanced version of Clever Suite, a reliable companion for efficient and intelligent management of your daily tasks. We have worked particularly hard in producing this version, adding many new features that will further improve your user experience. From optimising performance to introducing innovative tools, Clever Suite 4.0.4 will exceed your expectations.

New features

  • Visibility of all material tables and some tables related to design rules. Now The designer is autonomous in editing them.
  • Added, in the setting section, the possibility to enter a % of rejection for conductors and core. The waste is counted only in the bill of materials while the calculation data is not changed.
  • Added, in the settings section, a table where you can enter the bulging of with the ability to define the granularity yourself.
  • Insertion of a project status panel to always know where you are and what you can do
  • Creation of a materials cost summary accessible from the main form
  • Production drawings of carpentry components with possibility of modification of each measure
  • Automatically export the .csv file containing the BOM (either on export to PDF button or directly from the BOM editing form)


  • Common Archive now the same as Private Archive with the ability to print documents from there as well
  • Refinement of search for similar items
  • Creation of Windows-style forms and menus and creation of shortcuts to speed up work
  • Optimization of coil design that now includes all details (shield, output plates, windings of different heights, etc.)
  • Optimized graphics libraries: time for full calculation reduced -50%
  • Added tables with normalized measurements for: Window width, window height in the general data form and Insulator height in the Conductors form
  • Revised calculation of losses in the medium frequency core (up to 8000 Hz)
  • No-load current calculation now on all proposed magnetic steel
  • Definition of air gaps taking into account insulators actually available and rounding of height of individual column to 0.5 mm
  • Revised calculation sizing case small transformers and small inductors
  • Refinement of overtemperature calculation for small elements
  • Added possibility of modification of turn distribution case ALU foil
  • Output terminals: Added possibility of modification of all dimensions and position of output bars and possibility of modification of terminals and lugs
  • Overall: Aesthetic improvements on all documentation
  • Case 2 winding sheet: insertion of more details and improved layout
  • Coil drawing: now shows each part in the right positions and is to scale
  • Core sheet: now the drawing is more detailed
Dario Mastromarco

Dario Mastromarco