Clever Suite Release Notes 4.1.1


Release Date: May 2023

We are excited to introduce the latest and most advanced version of Clever Suite, your reliable companion for efficient and intelligent management of daily activities. With this version, we have worked hard to bring you numerous improvements and new features that will further enrich your user experience. From optimizing performance to introducing innovative tools, Clever Suite 4.1.1 is designed to exceed your expectations.

New features

  • Insertion of the possibility of modifying the air gaps with all degrees of freedom, with control of the result and message in case of inconsistent air gap.
  • Further expansion of user-editable tables
  • Implementation of a more advanced editing system that now allows to:
    • delete multiple rows
    • duplicate multiple lines
    • import and export data from excel
    • sort tables at multiple levels
    • filter on all fields
  • Implementation of a Help associated with each table to facilitate the user in entering and modifying data concerning materials and design rules
  • Addition to the applications of the small elements of the possibility of inserting the foil conductor, with relative modification of the mechanical design
  • Addition of core loss and no-load current calculation for lamination M21035


  • Fix of the drawing of the winding scheme: now the applications resize the figure correctly even in case of very large dimensions
  • Fixed a small problem in displaying the terminals
  • Fix of small imperfections in the produced documents
  • Modification of some texts in Italian and English both in the screens and in the documents, to make some concepts more understandable
  • Avoided application suspension in case of PC stand by
Dario Mastromarco

Dario Mastromarco