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Do you design and produce inductors? We have the software for you. Our solution allows you to simulate the behaviour of inductors to ensure optimum performance and minimum design errors. Save time, money, and energy with our advanced solution.





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What is Clever Inductor?

It has never been easier to design single-phase and three-phase AC or DC inductors for any application but, thanks to Clever Inductor, you simply enter the parameters provided by your customer and the application will take care of the rest! With our powerful software you will be able to modify every single choice according to your needs. In a few minutes you will have a complete design with drawings, factory documentation, bill of materials and costs. Accurate and optimization-oriented electrical calculation will allow you to meet your customer’s specifications at the lowest cost. Significant benefits will also be felt in other areas of the business by sending design data to machines, software and measuring instruments. Harness the power of Clever Inductor and conquer the inductor design industry with unprecedented efficiency, accuracy and speed.


A shared, secure repository for all your designs.


Automated management of all design documentation.


Designing according to your company’s design rules.


Interface with CRM, ERP and industrial machines.

Proprietary algorithms

Advanced and fully reliable calculation methods based on 30 years of experience.


We continuously develop and update, so the applications, over time, become more performant.

Clever Inductor plan

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Software for

  • Single phase AC inductor
  • Single phase DC inductor
  • Three phase AC inductor


  • Customization of the applications
  • Complete electrical and mechanical design
  • Complete documentation
  • Interfacing to factory machines and measuring instruments
  • Version management
  • Automatic saving documentation
  • Search drawing based on similarity


  • Support in implementation phase
  • New updates
  • Documentation
  • Help desk
  • Addition of any special modules requested by the customer (for a fee)

System requirements

OS: Windows® 11, Windows® 10, Windows® Server 2016 or newer CPU: Intel® Core i5 2,5 GHz, AMD™ FX-8350 or newer Ram: 8GB Storage: 1GB Screen resolution: 1920×1080

Commonly Asked Questions

Which transformers and inductors can I design?

You can design single-phase, three-phase and three-single-phase transformers, transformers with integrated inductance and rectifier transformers 12-pulse, from 10 VA to 1MVA or more. The upper limit depends only on the possibility of using a rectangular core. In addition, single-phase and three-phase AC inductors and DC inductors with any waveform and for any application. As to power, the same applies as for transformers.

Why customized software?

In the world of the transformer and inductor industry, each company distinguishes itself through its unique combination of experience and knowledge, which is reflected in the design rules adopted. Traditionally, many companies preferred to develop their software in-house to fully reflect their working philosophy. Therefore, software that aims to fully automate the design of these components must integrate customer-specific design rules. This approach is essential to ensure that production documents, bills of materials and cost estimates are perfectly aligned with each customer’s construction method. This is where Clever Suite comes in, the solution that will change the way you think about in-house software. In contrast to the traditional approach of in-house development, Clever Suite offers a powerful alternative. The advantages are obvious: costs are drastically reduced, representing only a fraction of those of in-house development. Its robustness is proven by more than ten years of commitment and research, guaranteeing unparalleled quality. Furthermore, its rapid implementation will allow you to be up and running in a matter of weeks, training included.

How does the customization of the software proceed?

Through a continuous process of improvement over the years, we have refined our methodology for integrating design rules. This has allowed us to go further by parameterising the rules in an intelligent way, thus facilitating rational and flexible modifications. However, some rules may not be parameterizable. That is why we pay special attention to codifying them in a specific way, thus guaranteeing the possibility of total customisation. We are proud to share that every detail is carefully taken care of: all tables related to the materials used will be integrated, while the complete archive of materials, together with the associated costs, will be imported directly from the customer’s management system. This synergetic approach ensures a smooth process, allowing you to focus on what matters most: achieving flawless results efficiently.

How does the licensing system work?

You can install our software on as many workstations as you wish. However, there is only one requirement: the number of applications in use simultaneously is linked to the number of licences you have purchased.

How quickly does the implementation of Clever Suite normally take place?

Normally within 6-8 weeks, if the customer makes the data available and actively cooperates, we are able to implement the software.

How do Clever Suite applications evolve over time?

Our dedication to innovation is relentless: we are constantly refining our software’s existing functionalities and introducing new features and modules. In addition, we always keep up with current Windows updates, thus ensuring that our applications are always state-of-the-art. Investing in Clever Suite is a forward-looking choice. Over the years, with a modest contribution for updates and technical support, you will receive no less than two updates per year. This means that your investment will result in a constant stream of improvements, making your work increasingly efficient and automated.

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