Clever Suite Release Notes 3.1.9


Release Date: October 2022

We are excited to introduce the latest and most advanced version of Clever Suite, your reliable companion for efficient and intelligent management of daily activities. We have worked particularly hard in producing this version, adding many new features that will further improve your user experience. From optimising performance to introducing innovative tools, Clever Suite 3.1.9 will exceed your expectations.

New features

  • Added coil drawing
  • Added possibility to change output terminal dimensions and position
  • Added three-single-phase transformer design
  • Added the winding report in case of 3 windings: before the report was only produced for two windings


  • Modified the calculation of the insertion current: it is now more preciseAdded the possibility of defining the basic price of conductors in generic materials
  • Added material tables and some design rules tables to the settings to allow you to modify them independently
  • Refined the rules for calculating core losses and no-load current
Dario Mastromarco

Dario Mastromarco