Clever Inductor : Complete Software to design of low voltage inductor from 3KVA to 1MVA


With Clever Inductor, you can create designs for single-phase and three-phase low-voltage inductors of any kind and with any waveform. The only limitation is the feasibility of the rectangular core. With Clever Inductor, your ideas can come to life, allowing you to create highly customised inductors that can be adapted to the needs of your customers.

Clever Inductor physical characteristics valid for all types of designed inductors

  • Nr. of phases: single phase and three phase
  • Cooling: natural or forced
  • Waveform: any (flux density automatically calculated)
  • Temperature class: B-F-H or others, according to customer specifications
  • Duty cycle %: according to standard rules
  • Connection groups: S, P, SA, III
  • Core: rectangular with magnetic steel GO o NO in different quality according to loss level (W/kg)
  • Core assembly column/Yokes: core with gaps
  • Number of windings: max. 10
  • Type of winding channels: in front only, in side only, in front and side
  • Conductor types: wire, flat wire, foil or others if requested
  • Conductor materials: aluminium or copper
  • Insulation materials: according to temperature class and to customer specifications
  • Carpentry: according to the model provided by the customer
  • Output terminal: according to the customer needs
In reading the list above you will have noticed that many points are planned according to your internal specifications. This can be done through our tried-and-tested customisation system, which enables the integration of your tables of materials, the import of data easily and directly from your management system, and the elaboration of code tailored to align the software to your specific design guidelines. Our targeted approach offers you solutions that can integrate perfectly with your business operations and optimise every stage of the process. In addition, we will be by your side during the implementation phase to define the optimised construction features, according to each power level. Conveniently, parameters are flexible and customisable by the user during the design process to allow for the design of special projects. This approach guarantees a complete and optimised design with extraordinary speed. It also includes all the necessary paperwork, such as the bill of materials and the related costs. Last but not least, you can send the list of materials directly to your management system for automatic management of material stocks, as well as any production department for the automatic planning of machines or measuring instruments.

To sum up

Any type of small inductor that a company produces can be flawlessly engineered through Clever Inductor, with no exceptions. This level of integration will result in tangible efficiency within your engineering department, enabling maximum productivity and higher-quality results.
Dario Mastromarco

Dario Mastromarco